Since 2015, Jessamyn North Photography has been operating in a radically different way when it comes to prices: except for weddings*, we don't have any! We'll be operating under the principles of "gift economy" (see here or here for further context & explanation). Here's what I want to give you: photographs that will capture a piece of the life you're leading now and let you hold onto it for all the days to come. I'll meet with you and take photos, then give you digital files containing images of you and your family, and if you are moved to do so, you'll give me a gift in return. Financial gifts (that work for you, within your budget) are of course welcomed and encouraged. Let's give each other great gifts!

*Please note that because of the special circumstances involved in shooting a wedding, pricing is done based on a price list. Please email me for a copy of the current price list and information sheet! 

I'm Jessamyn North, and I'm a photographer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most people call me Jessie. I'm the wife of a talented musician named Geoff and the mother of two daughters, Katie & Annabel (they are excellent photographic subjects).

I love photography, and I especially love photographs of people. I love your smile and your eyes and that look you get on your face when you're looking at someone you love and have forgotten anyone's watching. Most of all, I love the fact that taking photos of you and your loved ones lets me become a part of your life, even if it's only for an hour or two.

I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to meet you. I'll happily consider traveling within 30 miles of Fort Wayne. I'll meet you at a mutually-agreed upon location that allows you and/or your family to be comfortable. If you're in the area, or are going to be, please email or call me to discuss scheduling a portrait session.

Please contact me for additional information. You can reach me by emailing me at [email protected] or by calling or texting me at 773-398-1164. Thanks so much for visiting!

Long live the life in your day.